Version 0.3.0

## Events Layout ChangesHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. Events all have functionality buttons underneath themHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. Location and host info side-by-sideHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. Descriptions now fade out if too longHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. Event tags now have individual colorsHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. Events display in 2 columns on a large enough screenHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. Centered most event card textHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR![Event Layout Changes]( Features to Follow SoonHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. Location sent to native mobile navigation appHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. Share use native mobile sharing functionalityHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR