## I'm back babyHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR### FeaturesHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR- Events now use GUIDs instead of IDs for privacy (switching DB keys is hard)HACK_NEWLINE_CHAR- Custom links now can be used at the root of the domain. Eg. FixesHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR- Event comments work againHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR- Comments no longer initially load with an extra ')' at the endHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR- Sentry route monitoring fires less frequently so I don't run out of creds 1/3 thru the monthHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR


## Music to My WalletHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR### FeaturesHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR🎢 Spotify embeds for additional Event contentHACK_NEWLINE_CHARπŸ’Έ Venmo and PayPal integration for Event pagesHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR


## Bug FixHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR- Fixed bottom of page contact link being brokenHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR


## I'm Not a Businessman, I'm a ~~Business, Man~~ Website DeveloperHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR### FeaturesHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. Privacy Policy added [here]( Contact page added [here]( Sentry integration added for first-response performance and exception trackingHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR### BugsHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. Fixed broken privacy policy link at bottom of all pagesHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. Fixed copyright year being old (sorry, 2022)HACK_NEWLINE_CHAR


## Bug FixHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHARFixed issue where default text color on mobile browsers was blue for some event buttonsHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR


## Native Interactivity for EventsHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. πŸ“² Event share button now uses native share functionalityHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. πŸ—ΊοΈ Event location now redirects to Apple and Google mapsHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. 😎 Event details now displays the same card as the events pageHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR## Bug FixesHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. Fixed issue where version notes images extended out of the page boundsHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR


## Events Layout ChangesHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. Events all have functionality buttons underneath themHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. Location and host info side-by-sideHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. Descriptions now fade out if too longHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. Event tags now have individual colorsHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. Events display in 2 columns on a large enough screenHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. Centered most event card textHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR![Event Layout Changes]( Features to Follow SoonHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. Location sent to native mobile navigation appHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. Share use native mobile sharing functionalityHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR


## Events ImprovementsHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR### Events Data ChangesHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAREvents have a bunch of new features added to them:HACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. πŸ‘₯ Multiple hosts for events (it's still just me rn πŸ₯°)HACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. 🏷️ Event tags to categorize events with (like `game night`, `party` and `philanthropy`)HACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. 🏑 Locations (disclosed only to logged in users)HACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. βŒ› Split future and previous events, load more previous eventsHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR### Incremental ImprovementsHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR- Added release dates to version notesHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR### Bug FixesHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR- Fixed image upload for Events creation flowHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR- Fixed event details always using first event 😳HACK_NEWLINE_CHAR- Fix exception raised when new user has invalid phone numebHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR


## Pretty, Pretty DataHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR### What ChangedHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. πŸ‘€ Send user profiles prettily! I felt like user profiles could use a bit of a pick me up. You can now send user profiles in apps like iMessage that include blurbs about links ([OG protocol]( I also reworded one of the preference toggles on the user page.HACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. πŸ“° News versions now each have their own page that can be sent, which also contains it's own OG data too.HACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR### How Do I Access My Profile Page?HACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHARWhen you log in you can access your user profile data via the menu and clicking on your name. The link of your profile can also be shared to others, and will expand to contain your preference of username or real name, and profile photo, as shown below.HACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR![OG User Profile](


## First Version Release!HACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR### What Is Going OnHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHARThe website has been up and running for a while, but I wanted to get more public tracking on the website for when things change and what changed.HACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHARIf there are new versions/additions to the website, the new tab will display a red dot (πŸ“°πŸ”΄) when you are logged in!HACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR### Why Are You Doing This?HACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHARI have a private GitHub repo and may someday take this site open source. But for the moment, I am enjoying the secrecy of this website's development. However, I still want there to be a public record of the development of this site! So I am adding a news page so that people can see when I am releasing new stuff as well as the what and why.HACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR### So... Is There Anything Else New?HACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHARI'm glad you asked! I have been changing a lot of things under the hood.HACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. πŸ€“ **Code-First EF Relationships**: My database context and models have drastically changed to use code-first relationship patterns. This means I don't need to hand-craft as many database join queries which frees me up to do more interesting work.HACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. 🚒 **Docker Containerization**: I now deploy my website through the use of Docker containers and docker-compose. This makes it much less stressful for me to publish my website, as well as keep it running and updating through the use of containers instead of manually copying over files. Again this will make it easier for me to do less hand-crafted development to focus on cooler website features 😎HACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR### Future GoalsHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHARI have many lofty future goals for this website, but some I have planned for the nearer term are:HACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. πŸ™‹ **Headcounts and payment**: There are many events I'd like to do that have a headcount cap, for things like escape rooms, virtual reality things, or buying tickets to concerts. For these things, there will be limited headcount and things that might cost money. I want to make it easier on myself to schedule events by having people pay their share via my website. I also think it would be really cool to have a waiting list for events, in case people who have RSVP'd drop out.HACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. πŸ† **Leaderboards**: I think it would be really fun(ny) to have user leaderboards for the site based on usage, driven positively by attending events and interacting w the website, and negatively by not using the site or RSVP'ing and not showing up.HACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. 🎫 **Apple Wallet and Google Pay**: I was taking a look at some of the requirements to make my website compatible with Apple Wallet and Google Pay tickets, and while it is a decent amount of work to get going, I think it would be really fun to get tickets working for my events.HACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. 🧸 **Event Prizes**: I think having some prizes at events driven by RSVPs would be really fun. Like raffles or attendees killing it on the leaderboard.HACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHARThere is plenty more other stuff both feature and backend related to the website that I'd like to do in the future, but I am just one person. If you have any ideas of things that would work really well, please let me know πŸ₯°HACK_NEWLINE_CHAR