Version 0.1.0

## Pretty, Pretty DataHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR### What ChangedHACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. 👤 Send user profiles prettily! I felt like user profiles could use a bit of a pick me up. You can now send user profiles in apps like iMessage that include blurbs about links ([OG protocol]( I also reworded one of the preference toggles on the user page.HACK_NEWLINE_CHAR1. 📰 News versions now each have their own page that can be sent, which also contains it's own OG data too.HACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR### How Do I Access My Profile Page?HACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHARWhen you log in you can access your user profile data via the menu and clicking on your name. The link of your profile can also be shared to others, and will expand to contain your preference of username or real name, and profile photo, as shown below.HACK_NEWLINE_CHARHACK_NEWLINE_CHAR![OG User Profile](